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Shahid Baltistani (Founder)

Hashim Himmati

Abid Mahmud 

Jerrmein Abushaba

Mohsen Rizvi



Mir Takallum (Karachi)

Ashar Mehdi (Chicago)

Sajid Motarwala (Atlanta)

Syed Abbas Ali (Houstan)

Khurram Zaidi (Houstan)

Sabir Rukh (Baltimore)

Zahid Hussain (NYC)

Faisal Hussain (Somerset)

Shuja (Philadelphia)

313 Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed to undertake humanitarian projects that are not just related to feeding the homeless and provide medical attention to the needy, but to empower the population by eliminating the poverty of ignorance caused by the distortion of knowledge and information, and replace it with clear message of the true religion of Islam.


Our objective is to distinguish between the mainstream followers of the religion of Islam that the world has come to know - and the true Islam down to the granular level. Our effort is to engage the media, journalist, columnists, story tellers, teachers, professors, philosophers, academics, scientists, professionals and people from all walks of life, from any social, religious and economical background – to hear the message and relate what is relevant to them and reach out to us with more questions. In the end we assure that with a clear mind and honest judgment human being can find peace among each other by engaging in mutually respectul discourse that is rooted in knowledge. and reason. Man can eliminate the endless disappointment and hopelessness the world has brought at every doorstep.

Ghadeer - The Day of Hope 2019 Promo

Atlanta, GA

Ghadeer - The Day of Hope 2018 Promo

Chicago, IL

Ghadeer - The Day of Hope 2017 Promo

Washington D.C.

Ghadeer - The Day of Hope 2016 Promo

New York

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