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The Journey of Love

The fundamental and core objectives of 313 Foundation is to preserve the practices of commemoration (Azadari) of the martyrdom of Imam Husain (as) in the western society and provide a platform to understand the message of Karbala and to implement the message at a personal level and then expand its application in families, communities and societies.  The second fundamental aim is to maintain solidarity between Shia communities through social, religious, economical interactions with Shia brothers and sisters around the year through discussion forums, and monthly meetups in various states. We firmly uphold the idea that those who believe in the Imamate of the twelve Imams of the Ahlul Bayt (as) and honor the Marajeen and Scholars are essentially Shia brothers and unity among them is absolutely critical.


Ayyam Al-Fatimiyya

In 2008, to achieve our primary goal of preserving the practices of Azadari we have established the Ayaam Al-Fatimiyya program (then in the name of Darvaish Foundation) in the holy city of Qom so that seminary students and the pilgrims come together to commemorate the martyrdom of the Holy Lady (sa) in the framework of Azadari. The three days program has proven to be an effective tool to construct solidarity among Shias with different perceptions on various issues that are unrelated to fundamental beliefs and practices (Usul/Furu) of our religion. Due to administrative policies the name Darvaish foundation was changed last year to Syeda Zahra Foundation temporarily as the event was associated to martyrdom of Holy Lady Zahra (sa) Currently all the projects are undertaken in the name of 313 Foundation.


The Journey of love

Since 2011, we have organized pilgrimage (Ziyarat) group on noncommercial basis from the United States and Canada during the days of Aza in the name of Darvaish Foundation (now 313 Foundation) at a very minimal cost. For those Shia brothers and sisters who cannot afford to perform pilgrimage (Ziyarat) this facility has opened the door of opportunity to perform the pilgrimage (Ziyarat). Such engagements have allowed the members of different communities a clear insight into the issues and challenges of others, paving the path to possible resolutions and clarification of doubts about ideas that causes disunity.

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